Top destinations on a round the world trip

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There’s no kind of holiday more exciting than a round the world trip. And if you want to combine said excitement with luxury, then a cruise is definitely the way to go. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the top destinations you can explore when cruising around the world.

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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a sun-soaked, culture-filled metropolis that boasts everything from fine food to spectacular historical monuments. Among the sights you shouldn’t miss is the Monastery of Jeronimos, which is a brilliant example of the Manueline style – a term attributed to European Gothic buildings that have maritime motifs and plenty of pretty sculptural details.

You also shouldn’t miss the nearby Tower of Belem, which, like the monastery, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Acting as a gateway to the city, it was onced used to defend the Tagus River. And before you leave this part of the city, make sure you visit Pateis de Belem, which sells traditional Portuguese custard tarts of the same name. While you can get these all over the country, none compare to the originals that can be found here – and the recipe is a closely guarded secret!

Rio de Janeiro

Culturally diverse, vibrant Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting cities to visit on a round the world tour. Famous for its nightlife and cuisine, the city is perhaps best known for its Christ the Redeemer Statue.

This is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, sitting on top of what is known as Hunchback Mountain. A 20-minute funicular ride will take you up the mountain to the statue, which is more than 30 m high and positioned 730 m above sea level. The dramatic views across the city are just as much a reason for making the trip up here as the statue itself.


Located on India’s west coast, Mumbai is made up of seven islands and is one of the country’s major cities. What’s great about coming here is that there are so many wonderful cultural landmarks to discover, including the former residence of Mahatma Gandhi, who stayed here between 1917 and 1934.

While formerly his home, Mani Bhavan is now a museum where you can learn all about the Non-Cooperation and Khadi movements Gandhi instigated from here. Other highlights of Mumbai include the Gateway of India, the ISKON Temple and the Hanging Gardens.


This city-state and island country was founded back in 1819, and is known for offering a really interesting mix of East and West. Also blending the old with the new, Singapore is a land of variety and contrasts, which is one of the primary reasons it’s so good to visit.

Among the highlights is taking a trip up Mount Faber to get a bird’s-eye view of the busiest port in the world. And for a totally different experience, you shouldn’t miss the National Orchid Garden in the Botanical Gardens, which has the largest display of tropical orchids on the planet.


Last on our list is Sydney – famous for its opera house, harbour, beaches and cuisine. Of course, the number one attraction here is Sydney Opera House, which is one of the world’s most iconic buildings.

It’s also well worth going on a harbour cruise, which will give you the chance to see the opera house and coast from a different perspective. Plus, it’ll also give you the opportunity to visit some of the historical islands that dot the water here.

Other attractions include Taronga Zoo Sydney and the surfers’ paradise that is Bondi Beach.