The 3 S’s – reasons to book a last minute holiday

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There really is nothing like throwing your cares to the wind and booking a last minute holiday. Even for the least calculated and most spontaneous among us, there’s something incredibly exciting about going online, plucking a destination out of a heap of deals and jetting off the following week – whether it’s with friends, family or even by yourself, just to get away for a bit.

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This is arguably one of the biggest bonuses of last minute vacations. If travel companies haven’t shifted their flights and their rooms, they’re better off getting rid of them last minute for less money than they are not selling them at all. The nearer the time, some may virtually be giving away trips!

Despite the 54 per cent of UK adults who say they plan to take a summer holiday this year, over half (56 per cent) of the 31 per cent who claim they won’t be able to take one cite cost as the main factor preventing them from doing so.

In this way, booking time off work in advance and waiting until nearer the time could not only mean you can afford to go away, but furthermore could line your wallet with extra spending money. Even if perhaps you can’t necessarily go to exactly the place you had in mind, you’ll probably be able to have a far more luxurious holiday, which many would argue is definitely worth it.


By taking the plunge and spontaneously booking a holiday, you won’t have had as much time to get excited about it as if you had reserved your tickets months in advance. Therefore, when you step off the plane, you may find you have far more of an impulsive, proactive attitude about you, as it may feel like the holiday is still a little bit of a dream.

Furthermore, many last minute packages will be all-inclusive as sales representatives for flights, hotels and trips are trying to fill their quotas by bundling everything together. Therefore, you are not likely to be thwarted by sweating the small stuff when it comes to planning things to do, allowing yourself to be taken on a real adventure!


When booking a last minute trip, there is quite simply no time to get stressed about it because you’re already on your way. Furthermore, the whole process of reserving a last minute holiday takes a remarkably short amount of time – you really could fit it in during an advert break.

Nowadays, you can buy travel insurance over the internet at 24 hours’ notice and you can pick up currency over the counter at some places (even in the airport – but the exchange rate is likely to be far less favourable). In fact, with bank cards charging competitive rates, it may even not cost you much to draw money out upon arrival, meaning it doesn’t even matter if you don’t get round to sorting out your foreign currency before boarding the plane – just make sure you check rates with your bank first and let them know you’re going away so they do not think it is fraudulent activity on your account.