Staying in touch whilst you’re travelling – Ignore the basics


Anyone who has ever hit the road and gone travelling knows that staying in touch with people back home can be difficult. It can be difficult because there just isn’t anyway of making contact or because you’re too occupied exploring everything on offer. There are plenty of ways that you can keep in touch, technology has advanced so much, an example of this is Rebtel’s free calling app – check it out and you’ll see what I mean! There are lots of great ways to let everyone back home know that you’re doing well; letters, postcards, emails, phone calls. You can also use social media sites to upload your photos and post status updates. Here are some tips for making staying contact more fun:

Airport View

Be creative

If you are going to call long distance then you should try to use your time in the most creative way. Find the most affordable international calls before you call, this means you can stay on the phone for longer. If you both like football, why not be online when the game is on? Or maybe you can watch a movie together or tv programme? We all miss the ‘normal’ things when we’re travelling, so try your best to make the most of your time on the phone.

Surprise packages

Ok, so who doesn’t like getting a surprise through the post?! There really isn’t a better way to let people back home that they are in your thoughts. Fill the package full of local goods from wherever you are – you can just fill an envelope or pack a big box. Whatever you send, I am sure that the people back home will love it!

Remember important dates

The most important dates are of course birthdays. If you have a camera then record a video message that you can post via email. It will have such a big impact on the person back home! Don’t forget to remember anniversaries and also any big weddings that you are missing!

Create a blog

Blogs are the best way to share your travel experiences. It means you only have to update the information once and everyone can see it, you won’t have to type up lots of emails. It’s a fun way to communicate with people back home and a great way to keep a record of your travels.