Snaps and Blabs – Scandinavia

Northern lights Svolvaer Norway

Travel to the northern reaches of Europe has now become one of the most popular travel itineraries in the world. The vast expanse of varied panoramas, the seamless transition from one country to the next, the availability of cheap flights to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, all this and much more have made Scandinavia a region that is seeing a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting the place. Most visitors are beginning to realise that even though Southern Europe has been on the travel map for centuries, yet Northern Europe has a unique beauty of its own and it never fails to charm you.

Northern lights Svolvaer Norway
The term ‘Scandinavia’ is loosely used to designate the regions comprising the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. A land of winter landscapes and serene fjords, of glaciers and crystal clear waters, of skiing and Northern Lights, there is so much for the visitor to see and do here.

Flights to Stockholm will take you to a country that is peaceful and serene. Stockholm rivals Copenhagen in being considered the cultural capital of Scandinavia. Sweden is the largest country in this region, and it is renowned not only for its mountain scenery but also for the thousands of islands around it. The capital city of Stockholm has some beautiful museums, with a lovely island in the centre of the city known as Djurgarden. The cities of Malmo and Gothenburg are also a part of every visitor’s itinerary.

Finland is an amazingly beautiful winter wonderland. It has fewer visitors than the other Scandinavian regions. The Land of the Midnight Sun, nature changes her hues here completely four times a year. Each season is unique and everything changes – from colours to light and temperatures. Endless forests, innumerable lakes, lovely little villages all around – Finland offer a varied vista to the intrepid traveller. Flights to Helsinki are available from all major cities.

Flights from London to Copenhagen will take the visitor to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen seem to come alive in this small nation; paintings by renowned Dutch Masters seem to exist in every street corner; and the smiles and joy of the Danish light up the faces of the residents and visitors alike. Copenhagen is only the start of a lovely journey; the visitor can also travel to the smaller town and villages, and seep in the peace and laid-back style of the Danish people. Environment-conscious, the Danes are proud of being part of a land that is called the greenest country in Europe.

How does one begin to describe Norway? Fjords and little inlets, and one of the longest coastlines in Europe, Norway revels in the natural beauty of its land. Much of Norway remains unspoiled and it is one of the favourite haunts of skiing enthusiasts. Two of the most popular ski resorts are Hemsedal and Trysil. Cheap flights to Oslo are available from all over Europe and the world, and the excellent Norwegian highway system makes it easy to travel to the resorts and the coastal regions.

Iceland has only recently begun to attract the adventurous tourists. The most sparsely populated country in Europe, its main airport is Reykajavik. Sands and lava fields are the main characteristics of the interiors, along with majestic glaciers and mountains. Despite being above the Arctic Circle, the Gulf Stream has gifted Iceland with a temperate climate and this makes it a great destination for travellers.