One Of My Favourite Islands: St Martin

st martin2


St Martin is the holiday destinations that you absolutely need to think about when you are planning your next holiday to the Caribbean. This small island nation could well be one of the best secrets of the Caribbean and is a place that celebrities have made the trek to each year for luxury Caribbean vacations. If they like it, there must be something special about it, so let’s talk more about St Martin and what makes it so special.

Where is it?

This small island is located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean a few hundred kilometres east of Puerto Rico. Interestingly the island is actually divided in ownership between the Netherlands and France. English is the primary language here with a number of other languages like Dutch and French dialects also being used here.

Where to stay

There are a number of places to stay in St Martin and it is a testament to the quality of accommodation that people demand there. I already mentioned the fact that celebrities love this place and they are really looking for some great accommodation. As a result of this there are now a huge range of hotels, resorts, timeshares and other guesthouses that are scattered throughout the island. This makes for a great range of options for everyone, but for me luxury is the king here.

What to do

St Martin is well known for its white sand beaches and amazingly blue waters. Mix this with the tropical climate and you have a recipe for a number of things that you can do there. If you want to relax it’s as simple as sitting by the water and drinking a tropical juice and watching the sunset. There are so many outdoor activities you can do as well like diving, snorkelling, swimming and more or less anything that you can think of.

I also love getting out onto the open water and I would highly recommend chartering a boat to visit some of the smaller nearby islands. It is always great to find yourself a private beach and relax alone or with some new friends or the ones that you love.

The party atmosphere is another thing that I love and there are countless options for this too. In fact, you may even find your way to a celebrity, can you imagine how surreal that would be?

St Martin really gives you a number of options to either relax or be adventurous and this is what I really love about it. It doesn’t matter if you are want something of an adventure holiday or a more relaxing one, the choice is yours and you can do this.

The culture and atmosphere

One thing that is interesting about St Martin is the fact that the island is split into a French and Dutch part, which forms a very interesting mixture of cultures. Somehow this is like being in two different worlds, because each part has its own interesting aspects. For example the Dutch part of the island is well known for casinos and the nightlife there, whereas the French part offers great shopping and amazing food.