How to Travel in England on a Budget


Most travelers know that when it comes to budget travel destinations, the UK doesn’t top the list. It tends to be more expensive for traveling than many other destinations around Europe, but this shouldn’t stop you from visiting the country if you’re on a budget. Because really, by following some smart tips (that you can follow anywhere!), you can make your budget-friendly trip to the UK a reality. So whether you want to stay in the UK for your travels or even jet off and leave your car at ParkBCP while you explore a new destination, you can save money and have an amazing, memorable experience by following these tips to save money on your travels.

Pack Light

First of all, you want to pack lightly anyway because you’ll be far more comfortable without lugging around kilos of baggage you don’t need! But packing smart can save you money on airport fees as well. These days most airlines charge for checked bags, especially the budget airlines. So all the effort you spent to score those super cheap budget airline tickets could be wasted when you have to shell out $50 to check your bag. Instead, bring everything in two carry on bags you can bring on the plane with you. Invest in a comfortable, good-sized backpack that will carry all of your clothes, and bring a laptop if you want it and books, etc in a second carry-on.


Book Early

Flights, transportation and accommodation are all usually cheaper if you book in advance. For flights to the UK, try booking to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday as these tend to be the cheapest days to fly. If you’re flying out of the UK, leave your car at the Bristol Silver Zone Car Park for a super cheap option. When it comes to accommodation, check out Airbnb well in advance to book a cheap room that’s just as comfy as a hotel (if not more so.) To get around the UK, you can buy a Britrail pass that will save you a ton if you plan on taking many train trips. If you’re just making a few stops, individual tickets will probably be cheaper. And the bus is always cheaper than the train, although it’s slower and not as comfortable. Check out Megabus- you can score tickets for 1 pound.

Consider Alternatives to Hotels

When traveling through the UK, there are some unbelievably expensive hotels and accommodations that can suck your money away. But with a bit of research, you can find moderately priced accommodation that is perfectly comfortable. Airbnb is one resource where you can connect with locals renting rooms or their entire apartment for a fraction the cost of a hotel. It’s much homier than a hotel, and you’ll have your own kitchen. Or try a workshare program like WWOOF or Workaway where you can connect with hosts looking for volunteers. They will offer you room and board in exchange for a certain number of work hours per day. The work can range from organic gardening, child care or website building; it’s generally laid-back and a great way to meet local people and stay somewhere you might never have found in a tourist guide.