Great Ideas for a UK Break


More and more people are using their big summer holiday to learn and discover more about the UK rather than heading off to foreign shores. This makes so much sense for many Brits, especially those who perhaps may not have explored much of what we have here in the UK. With this in mind, why don’t you consider taking a UK break in 2019? Regardless of whether you decide to spend a long weekend here in the UK or you too have decided to spend your summer holiday here, these are some of the wonderful places which you could choose as you destination.



Cornwall is stunning in the summer with balmy temperatures that allow you to take advantage of all that the county has to offer. The beaches here are delightful with soft sand and almost nobody else there! Cornwall offers the perfect spot for summer fun with surfing aplenty, glorious coastal trails and some wonderfully quaint fishing towns and villages to discover. We spent two weeks here in one of the best campsites in Cornwall and we could easily have stayed for another two!

Lake District

The Lake District is really the jewel in England’s crown in my view and it offers the very best of the  British countryside. Here there are a number of options as to what kind of trip you can take. There are plenty of luxury hotels throughout the Lakes which are set in some breathtaking locations, the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Alternatively you can take an adventure break here in the Lakes, and pack out your trip with bike riding, hiking, caving, abseiling, kayaking, rafting and sailing, and the list goes on. Beautiful scenery, peace and quiet and a whole host of fun on the schedule.


Edinburgh is a real paradox in terms of what it can offer tourists, on the one hand it is a forward thinking, modern capital with lots to discover and on the other hand it is rural playground which represents all that is wonderful about traditional Scotland, complete with whisky and tartan shops and signs of the medieval past. Spending time in Edinburgh is wonderful and you will find it to be a very relaxed capital city with loads for you and the family to do from visiting the Edinburgh castle to indulging in some of Scotland’s finest dining that you will find.

The best time to visit Edinburgh is during the month of August when they have an annual comedy festival called the Fringe. During this time you’ll see all manner of street performers and literally hundreds of comedy gigs taking place all over the city. The festival ends with the wonderful military tattoo, an experience certainly worth having!

These are just 3 of many UK breaks which you have in front of you, which one will you decide to take?

This is the campsite where we stayed in Cornwall, if you do decide to head south, I’d certainly recommend it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park