Gi2C Travel Review: HuangYao Ancient Town

Gi2C Travel Review- HuangYao Ancient Town

Like most of our Gi2C interns, if you came to China to do an internship, you’ve probably had lots of fun exploring your new city. However, after a few weeks or months, you might tire of skyscrapers, traffic jams and crowded shops. Do you want to escape to a quiet, relaxing place with thousands of years of history in the south of China for a long weekend? If you answered yes, we have just the place for you. Huangyao ancient town (????) is a famous historic village in Guangxi province.

You can get to Huangyao from several major Chinese cities. The closest major metropolis is Guangzhou. There are numerous buses from Guangzhou to Hezhou, the nearest transport city to Huangyao. The bus ride will take about four hours. You can also choose to rent a taxi or go by rail and enjoy the lovely mountain scenery as you speed by in half the time.  If you are flying from Beijing or Shanghai, the nearest airport is Guilin and it will be a 2-3 hour flight. You can then take a bus to Hezhou (5 hours) or taxi (2.5 hours) and then on to Huangyao (1.5 hours).

Huangyao’s name is very special. Huang and Yao are two Chinese family names. It’s said that long, long ago everyone in the area had one of two family names: either Huang or Yao. That’s why it is called HuangYao Ancient Town.

With over 1000 years of history, the government and the local people want to ensure they retain their ancient houses and don’t change the style of the main area of the town. Each hostel?restaurant and shop have their own unique style and ancient architecture.

Huangyao is one of the ten most beautiful ancient towns of China, and traces its origins back to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It has six special qualities, which is more than any other ancient town. These unique items are:

  1. Mountain water grottos
  2. Airy pavilions and pagodas
  3. Monasteries
  4. Huge ancient trees
  5. Ancestral temples
  6. Couplets and horizontal inscribed boards

All of these cool features found in Huangyao help connect you to ancient China. You will feel at peace when you walk through the quiet streets. This is by far the best part of Huangyao. Unlike other ancient towns in China which are filled with millions of loud tourists, Huangyao is a bit off the radar. In addition to the lovely environment, the locals who live and do business in Huangyao are extremely friendly. When we were there, we found all kinds of different people enjoying the ancient village. Rich business people were taking a break from their hectic lives, artists were there seeking inspiration and soul searchers were looking for healing after being hurt.

As with anything, Huangyao must change and adapt to the times. It will keep developing and growing, which means some of its ancient exterior may be ruined or changed. Go as soon as possible to truly enjoy this ancient hideaway before it is demolished into just another modern city or turned into a complete tourist trap. Take a friend or two and relax there for the weekend with a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer sitting on a balcony of one of the shops and overlooking China as it was hundreds of years ago. No other place in China can replicate the kind of peace you’ll find in Huangyao.

Bonus travel tip:

Huangyao ancient town is about a one-hour drive away from Yangshuo city, which is home to the famous Lijiang River and West street (Foreigner street).

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