Can Medical Marijuana Be Used As A Pain Reliever?


Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever for hundreds of years. Queen Victoria took prescribed cannabis for pain associated with menstruation, and doctors in the United States in the 19th century offered cannabis for various ailments. Today, the U.S. is again focusing on cannabis for medical use, and the plant in a variety of forms is given to patients for pain relief. If you suffer from pain of any kind, talk with your doctor to see if cannabis could be an appropriate medicine for you. If it is, Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company that can bring medical cannabis right to your door. We do this for many patients looking for “weed delivery near me.”

Patients Turn to Oral Sprays

People are using medical marijuana for pain associated with migraines, muscle spasms, chronic body pain, arthritis, and more. Oral marijuana sprays that contain chemical extracts from cannabis are hot-ticket items among patients seeking out THC and CBD extracts to relieve pain.

Smoking Weed to Alleviate Pain

Even though there are many extracts on the market that have proven successful for people dealing with different types of pain, there is still somewhat of a stigma regarding smoking weed to alleviate pain. You may ask if smoking pot even works as a pain killer. Some who use it in this manner say that it absolutely does.

Weed Delivery Near Me: THC and CBD Extracts, and Pot Flowers

Green Door West is a top cannabis delivery company offering marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles and throughout the Los Angeles area. We sell THC and CBD extracts, along with marijuana flowers, so our patients can decide what type of cannabis they want to use to treat their conditions. Since both types of marijuana are legal in California, we are proud to offer our patients a large selection of products to choose from. When you search for “weed delivery near me,” you will find Green Door West.