Best day Trips From Vegas


Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities in the world if you love to party, gamble, watch some incredible shows and generally have a fun-loving, stress-free time. Not everyone is a lover of such pastimes however but that doesn’t make Vegas any less fo a great place for you to spend your vacations. In fact some of the day trips which you can take from Vegas are absolutely brilliant and even if you are a fan of the zaniness, taking some time out to visit these amazing places is well worth doing. Here are our top 3 picks for the best day trips which you can take when staying in Vegas.


Grand Canyon

If you haven’t heard of this place before then I would urge you to do some research and school yourself on one the United State’s most incredible feats of nature. This huge canyon which was carved out by the Colorado River, is an awe inducing spectacle which you will never have seen before, and once seen, one which you are never likely to forget. The best way to witness the sheer magnitude of this natural phenomenon is to take a helicopter tour, the chopper will swoop right above the 277 mile canyon, and take you to some of its most impressive spots.

Hoover Dam

It took 21,000 men over 5 years to complete this daring feat of human engineering, a dam which sits in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. The dam is a concrete, arch-gravity dam which holds back over 10 trillion gallons of water. The Hoover Dam is used not only to hold back water but also to generate electricity from the constant flow from the river. The dam can be seen either from the sky via helicopter or up close and personal with a visit to the dam itself. If you do visit the dam, you will have the chance to walk over this huge concrete structure, where you will realize just how impressive this really is.

Valley of Fire State Park

In my view this is one of the most underrated attractions in and around Las Vegas, and I would most certainly recommend that you pencil some time into your schedule to go and see the Valley of Fire State Park. Here you will find over 40,000 acres of history, by way of glowing red sandstone, cave systems and coves. It is strange to think that just an hour away from the bright lights of the city, you can be stranded in isolated nature like you can here in the Valley of Fire. Nature lovers will adore the history of a site like this, to witness the wildlife which calls this arid land its home, and to see the fascinating flora which somehow survives the heat. History lovers will also have a great time learning about the ancient civilizations which lived here, evidence of which can be seen in the petroglyphs which have been forever carved into the rocks.

Vegas is a fun place for sure, but head farther afield for an altogether different experience.