What age should you start training your puppy and why you should go to Tamar

dog training

 Puppy training is an important step in pet ownership. If you neglect to train your puppy, you are going to wind up with a destructive and unhappy dog, and likely be unhappy yourself. If you are on the lookout for a private dog trainer in Los Angeles, you are in luck. Tamar Geller is able to help. She is the owner of The Loved Dog, and dog trainer that many stars have turned to for well-behaved and mindful dogs. If you want to have a happy and successfully trained puppy, you want to turn to Tamar.

Puppy Training with Tamar Geller

You want to begin puppy training with your puppy early. Ideally, you should begin it as soon as you get your puppy. When you train your puppy through play, they are happy and willing to learn. It takes a special approach to get the most out of your puppy when you train them. If you focus only on disciplining the negative, you are going to miss out on some of the best ways to train your puppy. By reinforcing the positive, you encourage your puppy to think about how to get that result again. It encourages your puppy to be mindful on his or her own. Positivity is the basis of Tamar’s training.

By turning to Tamar Geller, you get the opportunity to watch your puppy enjoy training with someone who has the experience and skill to get the best responses possible out of your puppy. Give The Loved Dog a call today, and set up a training class for your puppy, directly with Tamar herself. You will love watching your puppy mature into a mindful and well-behaved dog after the training it receives with Tamar.