There are lots of clubs in Sydney and your hardest problem won’t be finding a good club but rather what not to include in your list of must do bars. Partying in Sydney is the order of the day regardless of the day of the week, so it’s partying here is very possibly going to the highlight of your trip to Australia. If you’re looking to have a night out in style then find a good Sydney car service to experience the VIP lifestyle.

To get a good idea about the places to visit, take a walk around the city a day or two beforehand so you can judge for yourself, you’ll be bumping into pubs every 50 metres, so maybe sample a few on the way! With everyone finding themselves cheap flights to Sydney nowadays, you can starting hitting up the best clubs in the city without a worry and what’s more, we’re gonna help you choose where to go! After a difficult elimination process, these are 5 clubs that are most worth checking out.

Hugos lounge

World bar

This is an incredible place to start your night out and is located at just on King’s Cross, just a little distance from Sydney’s CBD area. From the mind blowing décor to the outdoor garden terrace, the place is much more than just a club. The music is great with varieties from small bands to the dance manias just to make sure there is something for everyone. Check out the cocktails in syringes, mental!


The Dug Out in the Burdekin hotel

This extremely popular club is a favorite to both local clubbers and backpackers. If you are a oldskool music lover, then this club is worth checking out because it is particularly famed for this kind of music. The club is located in the basement of the hotel and the music will definitely sweep you off your feet right from the door to the dance floor.


Oxford art factory

The OAF often tops the nightclub lists,  but the best category for this club would actually be for its live gigs. Even though is looks like a work in progress, it is very much the finished articles. The interior is mind boggling with a huge art collection, which is probably why it also functions as an art gallery! Good way to kill two birds with one stone even though after a night of hard partying the artistry might not be that clear.


Hugos lounge

More of a bar than a club, but another with a claim to fame the best in the city. The cocktails here are to die for, but they don’t come cheap, especially not on backpacker’s budgets. The delicious pizzas are served all through the night, a great solution if you’ve had one too many. Hugo’s though is worth every penny. The door policy is strict though, so gentlemen find some girls to accompany you, and dress to impress, this is home to Sydney’s beautiful people.


Club Tank

It’s large dance floor is Tank’s big claim to fame, there’s not an inch of space after midnight and the tunes just keep coming. There is a contemporary approach to its décor and with the food and drinks served, it’s not hard to see why the club is a hit. The club has different events throughout the week so check out to see what suits your party mood.


If you really wanna tear up the dance floor in Oz, there’s no better city to do it in than Sydney, sure it’s pricey and the dress codes are strict, but the rewards are awesome. So get dolled up and go crazy, Sydney’s waiting for you!