What to see on a Mediterranean cruise holiday

Cruise ship

The Med is one of the most popular places for Brits to book cruise holidays, probably because it’s got so much to offer – bright sunshine, clear waters, fascinating port cities, ancient historical sites and lively nightlife are just a few of them! And with a growing number of people taking cruise holidays, it seems likely that more people will be experiencing the joys of the Mediterranean.

Cruise ship

If you’re considering booking a holiday in the near future, perhaps with an operator likeĀ MSC Mediterranean Cruises, here are some great suggestions for where to go and what to see:

The Greek Islands

There are thousands of islands in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, which makes it a fantastic place for a cruise. Many of the most popular ones are home to the ancient sites Greece is so famous for: the Palace of Knossos on Crete, the mediaeval Old Town of Rhodes and, if your cruise stops off in Turkey, the fantastic ruins of Ephesus. Other must-see sights are the monastery dedicated to the biblical Book of Revelation and, of course, the great metropolis of Athens!

The Western Mediterranean

Western Mediterranean cruises typically take in the western coast of Italy, the south of France, coastal Spain and Portugal – so you may get the chance to stop off in any or all of Naples, Barcelona, Nice, Genoa, Valencia and Lisbon. In Naples, don’t miss the chance to see Pompeii – there will almost certainly be an excursion that lets you discover the extraordinary city that was buried for nearly 2,000 years. As well as exploring some of the most famous cities of the Mediterranean, there’s usually the opportunity to go diving in the Med’s crystal-clear waters, or relax on the beautiful beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Venice and its islands

While many cruises make a stop off in Venice, it’s really worth dedicating a whole holiday to this magnificent city. Excursions will likely include guided tours of St Mark’s Basilica, the incredible architectural testament to Venice’s ancient links with the Byzantine Empire. As well as exploring the city’s waterways in a gondola as the Venetians do, you’ll have the chance to see the Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and many more of Venice’s amazing structures. A cruise holiday will probably also take you to the surrounding islands, so take the chance to see the multi-coloured houses of Burano Island, the glassware of Murano Island and the natural splendour of Torcello Island.