Vital Things to Take With You When Traveling


As all travelers know there are few things you can leave home without. Some of these things may be obvious and others may not, especially for the first time traveler. This can be a crazy process that could leave you pulling your hair out and canceling any plans you have made. Unfortunately some things are going to have stay at home, that 4th pair of shoes isn’t as necessary as you think! On the other hand you should always think to take the best safety supplies. Just stick by this quick and easy list and you’ll have no worries.

Passport and Money

These two should be no brainers for anyone trying to go anywhere outside their home country’s boundaries. Then again, you’d be surprised how many people forget one or both of these things when packing. Sometimes its the most obvious things that get overlooked and forgotten. Without your passport you won’t be able to go anywhere and without money you won’t be able to do much when you get anywhere! Needless to say don’t forget these things and make sure you have a safe place to keep them while on the road.


The last person you want to be while on the road is the guy who smells and looks unkempt. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean hygiene gets thrown out of the window! Always have your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, soap, and deodorant. If you plan on bringing these items as a carry on make sure you don’t have more than the allowed amount. Check the airline regulations to see what the allowed amount on board is.


Safety Supplies

This is a very important one. There is nothing worse than being far away from home and being in a jam that you can’t seem to get yourself out of. Sometimes having a flashlight with you can be a real lifesaver. Especially when trying to navigate a foreign city or trail at night. Another lifesaver can be band aids. Getting an infection from a cut is silly when it could have been easily avoided if you just had a band aid. You can get everything you need at PureSafety to make your trip as safe as can be.


Having a camera is always good because it will capture all the memories that you want it to. From sun rises to high rises it can capture it all. Although I’d be willing to bet that it won’t truly capture the beauty you remember, it’ll be the closest you get!

Tickets and Maps

You should always have your tickets printed out before you head to the airport, train station, bus station, etc. The time will come when you have to run to catch your ride and don’t have time to stand at a kiosk and wait for your ticket to be printed. Maps also serve a great purpose when trying to get to where you have to go. Its good to have not only a city map, but a map of public transportation. These are usually free and can be found at most transportation hubs and hotels or hostels. You can save yourself a lot of trouble just by being prepared.