Travelling by Eurostar beats flying

I went on the Eurostar last week for the first time and was absolutely amazed how great the whole experience was. I usually fly when I travel to Paris but that is going to change from now on, everything about the travel makes me a little annoyed with myself that I hadn’t used the Eurostar a lot sooner.  I have already booked my ticket for the next trip, it doesn’t feel like so much of an effort to travel knowing that I will be using the Eurostar. There is a huge list of reasons why I think everyone should use the Eurostar instead of flying, below I have written 3 of the best.

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No waiting around

I have spent countless hours in coach stations and airports waiting to leave, whilst it’s not the worst thing in the world I would much prefer not to be waiting for so long if I can help it. The best thing about Eurostar is that you only need to be there thirty minutes before your scheduled time of departure, not like the two hours that are required by airlines. The station is in central London so it’s easy to get to and very convenient, much more than any airport in London. So you will be on the TGV nearly as soon as you arrive at St Pancras.

Great staff

The first thing I noticed was that the staff at the Eurostar were really really friendly! There isn’t anything that is too big or too small and they do their very best to help you with anything they can. Sometimes when I have travelled I have felt unsure asking the staff a question, with Eurostar the staff are very approachable and accommodating.

Go Green

Well ok, you’re not really going green because you are still travelling by train. But, travelling by train is much better for the environment that it is by plane. One statistic I read was that you leave 90% less of a carbon footprint if you travel by train when compared to an airplane. We all like to do our bit to help and I don’t think we are going to stop travelling, so try to minimize your carbon footprint by taking the Eurostar.