Top Tips When Packing For Your Holiday

To pack lightly, or to cram 2 weeks worth of clothing into one case for a 2 day get-away?  There’s no question that preparing for a trip away – no matter how far or for how long – can be a pretty difficult process.  Here are some tips that will help you not only fit all of your “stuff” into you bags, but that will ensure that you bring the right pieces for your trip.

The Luggage

Before we can even think about packing, we need something of adequate size, toughness and style in which to cart around of our belongings. I like to get luggage that makes the other passengers jealous as we wait at baggage reclaim. The conveyor belt churns around our luggage around and around like bizarre prizes from The Generation Game, and I want my luggage to be the best prize! Toughness-wise, there’s nothing as good as a Samsonite case (I got my one from Luggage Superstore, linked to before for your convenience). Samsonite cases are hard and withstand the brutalization all luggage is subject to when we travel. And it looks great, which is important, as I previously stated.

The Fit

Before you pack anything away, you want to make sure that it fits and that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in it.  For example, packing that bikini that you know looks good on you but that you don’t feel comfortable in will end up being a waste of luggage space. Why?  Because you won’t wear it.  Choose items that you’ll definitely wear, and buy new items as necessary before the trip to help fill in any gaps.

The Destination

You’ve likely already thought about where you’re going and what sort of clothing you’ll need for the trip (i.e. “cold weather” clothing versus “hot weather” clothing depending on where you’re going). But what you also need to think about is what you may potentially be doing while there.  Will you be venturing off onto hikes?  Playing tennis?  Going out on any early morning excursions that may require a jacket or a pull-over?  Or is it a cruise that calls for 2 “elegant” nights where a jacket or a dress may be necessary?

The Colours

If at all possible, colour code your clothes and make sure that they all coordinate with one another. For obvious reasons, this will ensure that you can combine and mix up different pieces with other pieces effortlessly and easily.

The Wash Bag

As most travelers will tell you, a see-through wash bag is a must when on the road.  See-through wash bags that feature numerous compartments will allow you to keep all of your essentials appropriately segmented and separated, from shampoos and conditioners to razors to sun lotion to make up.  Just make sure that you double check with any airlines you may be traveling on to see just how many liquid ounces are permissible aboard the plane (for most it’s 50ml or less).

The Packing Method

The way that you fold and pack up you clothes can have a huge impact on:

a) The way your clothes appear once you take them out of you bags; and

b) The amount of clothes and other pieces that you’re able to bring on you trip

There are a few different method out there, like the “Bundle” Approach or the “Fold Clothes Together” approach. But as globe trotting savvy journalist Rick Steves will tell you, the “Rolling” method is not only the quickest approach, but it’s also the one that will leave clothes less wrinkled and make more space in your luggage.  All you need to do is lay any piece of clothing face down on a hard surface, fold back the sleeves, and then roll them from the bottom all the way up to the top.

Stylist has some great tips as well, so this article is definitely worth a cheeky glance.