Things to Do in Stockholm

stockholm archipelago

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and is relatively tame and sedate in terms of being a tourist destination. Flights to Sweden are more within reach than some may find, and many have been finding that a holiday in Sweden is the most relaxing one they’ve had. The city is brimming with culture and history, and spending a lot of your time relaxing in the multitude of parks in the city is recommended. If you decide that you want some more exciting things to do in Stockholm, consider the following options:

stockholm archipelago
stockholm archipelago

Explore the Stockholm Archipelago: covering about 140km from north to south, the Stockholm Archipelago is a popular summer spot for tourists and Stockholm residents alike. The inner archipelago is thickly forested and quite populated, while the rest of the archipelago is rocky and sparse, but still amazingly beautiful. You can explore the Archipelago using ferries which depart regularly from the city itself. Even though the islands get more sun than the city, it’s still a good idea to prepare for inclement weather and bring along a raincoat.

Visit Skansen and take a cultural tour of Sweden: Skansen, a district in Stockholm is quintessentially Swedish, with over 150 traditional homes, churches, barns, workshops and shops, all transported brick by brick from all over Sweden. You can wander around taking in the sights and enjoy the blast from the past as bakers, glass blowers and potters work and create traditional crafts. Luckily, in addition to watching, you can buy these crafts for yourself.

Explore medieval Stockholm: Gamla Stan can trace its history back to 1252, and is considered the cradle of Stockholm’s birth. The settlement has been in existence for over 750 years, and remains relatively unchanged. The streets are winding and tiny, there are small squares scattered around everywhere, and you can visit some of the oldest churches in the country. During tourist season Gamla Stan can get pretty crowded, but you can plan accordingly and retreat to one of the multitude of coffee and waffle shops any time you find your path blocked.

Have a Sundowner at the Gondolen Bar: while having a reputation for being “touristy”, it’s still worthwhile visiting the Gondolen bar at the top of the Katarina lift. The views are superb and offer an unrestricted view of the entire city and the food is excellent if priced for the tourist market.

Picnic on the Royal Grounds: pack either traditional Swedish food like herring and lingonberries or traditional picnic foods and retreat to the green gardens of Djurgården. A short walk from Stockholm downtown, the island has a variety of picnic spots, as well as walking and cycling trails. It also boasts some of the best views in the city, and it’s worthwhile to consider spending a summer day relaxing here. The island is still owned by a branch of the royal court which tends the island and ensures that it is well taken care of for generations to come.

Explore the music scene: Sweden has rather eclectic taste in music with rock and pop music still being the main draws of music lovers. The live music scene is alive in Stockholm, and offers a variety of music to suit most tastes. Debaser has bands playing every night of the week and offers a suitably rough vibe. Fylkingen caters to experimental and DIY music, while the Södra Teatern offers folk and pop concerts. The Mosebacke Etablissement covers the rest of the music spectrum, with an eclectic mix of reggae, jazz, rock, salsa and pop.