The world’s best road trips

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Few things beat life on the open road. While we may have forms of transport that are quicker and cheaper than the car, they are just a means of getting from A to B. But with driving, the pleasure is in the journey; so it’s no surprise to see the enduring popularity of the road trip.

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In this spirit, we’ve provided a list of some of our favourite road trips anywhere in the world. It’s always hard to narrow down such a list, but these are drives that have left a lasting impression on us. Even better, you can try them out yourself with a rental vehicle fromĀ Auto Europe. We have car hire centres on all these routes, so there really is no excuse not to try them!

Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Pick up your hire car in Salermo and enjoy this stunning drive along arguably Italy’s most exquisite stretch of coastline. The Amalfi Coast is famed the world over for its winding roads and mountainous terrain. You’ll be able to visit all of its most famous towns along this route, including Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. In all of these places, there’s plenty to see, both in the car and out. But it’s the stretches in-between that are truly exciting, winding as they do along cliff-side roads that have been carved out of this impressive milieu. The road is less crowded at this time of year, and you’ll also find it more comfortable driving outside of the blistering heat that characterises the summer months.

British Columbia, Canada

Few places give you a sense of wonder quite like British Columbia in Canada. From one of the world’s most impressive cities in Vancouver to some of the most unspoiled terrain in all of North America, this is one area of the world begging to be explored by road. Starting off in Vancouver, it is possible to do quite a tour of the region, driving through the snow-capped mountains to Tsawwassen, from where you can take a ferry to Victoria. From here, there are a number of highlights on the journey, including Shannon Falls Provincial Park, which boasts one of Canada’s largest waterfalls; the ski resort of Whistler; Pemberton, where you’ll be able to watch thundering rivers and even gaze on the Matier Glacier; and Coquihalla Canyon, before heading back to Vancouver. Depending on how leisurely you drive and how many stops you make along the way, this journey will take between four and seven days. This drive is one that is ideally suited to the summer and fall seasons.

Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

Take in some 700 miles of stunning Pacific coastline on this drive through California. Starting from San Francisco, you’ll visit Napa Valley, Big Sur, Los Angeles, San Diego and many other highlights along the way. Whether you wish to visit bustling cities, sunny state parks, Californian vineyards, some amazing beaches or all of the above, this world-famous stretch of highway has it all. Few routes are as diverse as this and during the journey you’ll have a chance to drive over the renowned Golden Gate Bridge, sample fine wines from the vineyards of Napa, visit the unspoiled beaches at Carmel, visit the aquarium at Monterey Bay and navigate along the edge of dramatic cliffs in Big Sur. Don’t forget to checkout Riverside on your trip, the campgrounds in Riverside are absolutely perfect and really add to your holiday.