The best holiday destinations for 2015

The best holiday destinations for 2015

So you’ve worked hard all year, you’ve saved up your hard earned wage and it’s time for your annual leave, but with so many destinations around the world to choose from where do you start? You have done all the regular holidays; Turkey, Spain, France and this year you fancy something different – and with plane prices at ever more affordable prices you’re spoilt for choice.

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Whether you’re with the family, a couple or on your own, luxury and exotic holidays are becoming a lot more popular with the British public looking for inspiring and rewarding holidays across the globe. You have everywhere from exotic island paradises like the Maldives and the Caribbean, to energetic and crazy city getaways like New York and Sydney. If you enjoy adventure you could go on a wildlife safari in Africa or tour the jungles of South America, or if you enjoy history and culture how about exploring the numerous ancient Far Eastern cities.. the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Where to start though, there are so many on-line websites now which is good in one respect as there’s plenty of information out there but it can be a little overwhelming. I’ve found and good places to start as they give you a great insight in to any destination you may be considering. Another great one is as it recommends some of the best hotels in each destination and they feature some great itineraries too (check their multi centre section). Once you know where you want to go is another firm favourite, as this gives client reviews for hotels so really helps you decide on the best option and with attraction reviews too you can see which are the best tourist things to do whilst there.

Still stuck for ideas of where to go? Here are a few of my top destinations from the exotic to the mystical.

The Maldives: These exotic tropical islands in the Indian Ocean with powder white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters are perfect for honeymooners and romantic couples looking for peace and tranquillity.

Thailand: The land of smiles is the dual in the crown of South East Asia, with it bustling cities and beautiful beaches it’s no surprise that Thailand is fast becoming the Far East’s most popular destination.

Dubai: This ultra-modern city in the Middle East has everything, from some of the most spectacular hotels and restaurants in the world, to golden sandy beaches and mega shopping malls – you can’t go wrong here.

Australia: A country and a continent all in one, this vast island has everything from big cities like Perth and Sydney to spectacular ocean reefs like the Great Barrier Reef just of the coast of Queensland. And not to mention the remote outback, home to the Aborigines. This is a land of adventure and really does offer something for everyone.