See Europe’s biggest football matches in five easy steps


If you are one of the many die-hard football fans in Britain, you have probably been to many matches within the UK, travelling to different parts of the country depending on where your favourite team is playing.

Seattle Sounders FC v New York Red Bulls

While seeing matches  is an exciting experience for any football fan, being able to see some of Europe’s biggest football matches can be a really unique experience. You can choose from matches and stadiums all over Europe and soak up the vibrant atmosphere and excitement that you will find yourself immersed in at these packed-out stadiums.


Arrange your European football experience 

If you want to head off and enjoy the excitement of some of the biggest football matches in Europe, there are a few steps you need to take in order to get everything organised.


  • Decide on your match: You need to work out which match and teams you want to see. Your decision can be based on your favourite teams or on other factors such as the dates you are available to travel and which matches these dates coincide with. You also need to determine how many of you will be going so that you can check for availability of tickets, flights etc.


  • Check dates and availability: You need to check on the dates for your chosen matches and if you are happy with them, you also need to check on availability, just in case tickets are already sold out.


  • Get your tickets booked: You should make sure you book your tickets for the match in advance, particularly if it is a big match. If you wait until the day and hope to get them at the gates, you risk either not being able to get a ticket or you may end up paying way over the odds.


  • Book your flight: You should check flights times and availability for the relevant dates, but bear in mind that if it is a big match, there may be many other fans travelling. It is therefore worth booking as early on as possible.


  • Arrange your accommodation: You may be able to book your accommodation along with your flight as one of a range of cheap holiday offers that you will find available these days. If not, you will need to book your accommodation separately, and again bear in mind that availability could be limited if it is a big match that many others are likely to be travelling to see.


With these simple steps, you can look forward to the excitement of some of the most thrilling matches in Europe, while also enjoying the chance to see a bit more of the world