Science in the Golf Swing


In past years there has been massive amounts of research into golf; the materials used for the ball, the type and material of your club, and, probably the biggest area of research, the swing you initiate to hit the ball. Golfers love to work on their swing, aiming to find that secret sweet spot that will help them turn their golf game into a pro game. There are many theories, ideas and proven facts to delve into to make your swing the perfect swing, and while everyone can use these tips and tricks it is likely that everyone is at least slightly different. People are different builds and heights, their clubs are different brands and they will get their information from different sources, but no matter what, it seems that the science is real and golfers who attain accurate information actually do gain more confidence and perform a better swing.images (5)


Here are just two of the many differing tips and tricks out there to get your golf swing up to a pro swing.


Power comes from your arms and hands, not your body.


Many golfers who learn through lessons or watching videos are under the impression that twisting your body will grant you the maximum power to swing, but this is far from the truth. This twisting of your body causes a lot, if not all, of a golfer’s problems when trying to find his or her perfect swing. Twisting your body when swinging will be what puts your aim off completely, most notably slicing the ball. Yes, of course, your body will move and twist while you swing, but it should be only in response to the movement of are arms and hands. Your body should only act as a support for the momentum you create as you swing, moving your body before you use your arms will completely ruin your golf game.


Your grip on the club is crucial.


This is probably the most difficult trick to learn, but also the most likely to better your swing. Learning how to hold your golf club is important, but a good swing also has a lot to do with the type of grip used on your particular club. Make sure you choose a grip that, most of all, you find comfortable. Wielding a club with a grip that does not fit properly with your hands will create big problems for you down the line. There are different ways to actually hold the club, vardon, interlocking or overlapping, and while it’s good to follow someone’s initial instruction, finding your own positioning is key; not everyone has the same shape and size of hand.


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