KLM: The Orange Experience

In the Netherlands, there is a holiday which is well-known for its abundance of crowds, orange, and most of all, festivities. King’s Day is especially loved in Amsterdam, where the locals pull out all the stops to celebrate this day. This year, KLM and Heineken joined up to give this experience to 10 lucky American winners.

The fun commenced on Amsterdam Avenue in New York, where KLM and Heineken set up a mini King’s Day. They stopped people walking by to ask them a series of dance-related questions. Many Americans had never heard of King’s Day, but were happy to comply. And those lucky enough to answer correctly become the winners in for the ultimate Orange experience.

The 10 winners received instructions to meet at JFK airport on April 25, with no further word of what they would experience. They soon found themselves on a plane to Amsterdam, en route to celebrate King’s Day with the Dutch firsthand! A whole array of programs awaited them on arrival. They were whisked off in an orange bus straight to the Heineken Brewery to taste local beers, then brought on a boat to explore Amsterdam through its gorgeous canals.

The party really got started when DJ Armin van Buuren hopped on board for a surprise private performance. These lucky winners were really feeling the vibrant energy of this ctiy amidst all the orange festivities around them. They continued on to celebrate King’s Day with the locals in the incredible city of Amsterdam.

Check out the Orange Experience video below: