How to Travel for Cheap in England


When you think of countries to travel as a budget backpacker, you probably don’t think of England. It’s a gorgeous and fascinating country, but England can be hard on the wallet. But even though England is expensive compared to some other countries in Europe, you definitely shouldn’t leave it off your itinerary. You just need some helpful tips to help you prepare and save some cash! Accommodation in England, transportation and food don’t have to be expensive if you just use common sense and prepare wisely! So just follow these guidelines to keep more cash in your wallet when traveling in England:bus

Prebook Online

Taking advantage of the internet can help you majorly when booking hotels and transportation for your trip. Many hotels in England offer discounted rates if you book online rather than just show up the day of. And as for transportation, you definitely want to book in advance. Not only will you save money on train tickets but you might miss out on the train you want if you wait to buy at the station. A Britrail pass for trains around the country is a great way to save as well. Alternatively, you can take the bus around England which isn’t as comfortable or convenient as the trains but they get you to the same place for less cost! Check out Megabus- they offer fares as low as £1 if you book early enough.

Pack Light

First of all, packing light will save you money on checked baggage fees on your flight. Fees vary depending on the airline but many airlines charge some sort of fee for checking a bag. Keep your belongings limited to one, or even better yet pack everything into a backpack you can take onboard. You want to avoid checking bags especially on budget airlines, which are nearly guaranteed to charge exorbitant rates. Secondly, packing light will leave you less at risk for losing items or having them stolen.

Score on Airfares

While flying domestically within the UK isn’t always the cheapest, there are occassionally great deals that pop up from London to other airports in the country. And it can definitely be cheap to fly from London to other points in Europe! Skyscanner is a great site to score incredible deals, especially if you book early. Try to book flights for Monday or Tuesday as these tend to be the cheapest days to fly. Stay flexible with the amount of stops you’re willing to make and you can save some serious cash while traveling all over England.