Great Attractions in Hawaii You Never Knew Existed

Get to Hawaii this summer – you won’t regret it. Hawaii is the ultimate getaway, perfect for relaxation and escape. You can enjoy the constant warmth of the sun above you and the sand beneath, you can sip on tasty cocktails and you can admire the beauty of the azure ocean around you. Whatever sort of trip you’re looking for, you can probably find it on those Islands of Aloha.

But you know all about Hawaii already – the beaches, the scuba diving, the penchant for surfing. It’s old news. But that’s why we’re here: to give you a little local insight into those “hidden” attractions, the ones that most visitors aren’t going to know about. For instance, did you know that you can taste wine made right there in the Aloha State? We’re betting you didn’t.

The Hidden Treasures of Oahu

Near Diamond Head Beach you can find a little paradise known as Cromwell’s Cove. You can only get there by wading through the shallow water, which is perhaps why it’s always free of other visitors. It’s the perfect place for a more interesting but secluded day at the beach – you can dive into the water from the top of the wall, you can go swimming and snorkelling (of course), and it’s a great spot for a picnic.

Also on Oahu is Bellow’s Field Beach, located in Waimanalo. It’s only open to the public at the weekend, so don’t bother coming during the week as you’ll be turned away! It’s a real secret hideaway, with sapphire waters and super soft sand – it is a haven. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the island state, you really shouldn’t miss it!

Hilo Hot Springs

If you ever find yourself in Hilo, these hot springs – secreted away near the volcanoes – are well worth the visit. In fact, we’d say they’re worth the trip to Hawaii alone, so click over to Cheapflights, the flight comparison website, now to book your tickets!

When you land, dump your bags at the hotel and get down to the hot springs. They are naturally heated by the underground stores of lava pumping through the volcanoes, so they make the perfect way to unwind after a long flight. It used to be a much cooler pool used for swimming, but things heated up after the big eruptions in the ‘60s!

Fine Wining

Maybe, when you think of wine, you think of California or Italy, with rolling hillsides covered in grapes. However, Maui is home to a world-renowned vineyard, and you’ll come across it at the base of Mount Haleakala. The Tedeschi Winery offers the usual reds and whites, as you would imagine, but it’s known for its more unusual varieties, especially the pineapple wine!

Tedeschi has been going since 1974, meaning it has been providing unique, Hawaiian wines to the world for almost forty years now. Go along for a tasting session, but don’t get too carried away!