Getting ready for the summer

Summer is right around the corner and there are so many places to visit and explore. This time of year is great for adventure seekers, those who wish to go out in the world and see what’s in store. Also, travel is a great way to put some Asia miles on your credit card. If you haven’t got one yet, make sure you do otherwise you are missing out on all the credit card rewards you could be earning while travelling. Though there are so many places to travel to and see, we’ll make a list that can help point you in the right direction – cities, regions, places to get some exercise, sun and more.

San Francisco

Great cultural city in America’s west coast where there is an abundance of great restaurants, events and scenery. To add to an already exciting city, this year the 34th America’s Cup will be paying a visit, coupled with the city’s upcoming upgrades to the waterfront.


Most know the reason why Amsterdam is a popular destination and though that’s part of its charm, a lot of things will be happening this year in particular. The Canal Ring turns 400 years old, Vincent van Gogh’s celebrates its 160th birthday, the colour swirled museum turns 40 and so much more. This year, Amsterdam literally is party central with all those anniversaries.


Where English meets French and America meets Paris. This is the best way to describe this east coast Canadian city. Montreal has just opened a new planetarium, as well as being host to Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse. To add on to the festivities, the new Grevin wax museum will be opening, followed by the 50th anniversary of the Place Des Arts, making Montreal one of the premier places to be this year in North America.


An old world city with beauty and charm – it was once a rich state, but after India’s independence, the palaces and pleasure gardens were sold. Regardless, some of the palaces still remain, as well as the refurbished seven-star hotel Falaknuma Palace. The old city is great for those of you with an adventurous spirit.


An extremely beautiful region full of nature, with sites such as the Bay of Kotor and the lively beaches along the Riviera. Also a great place to go hiking with its beautiful mountainous regions and rugged terrain. This is definitely the place to be if you are the outdoorsy type.


With its new and improved railway system happening this year, Ecuador will be one of the quintessential places to go visit. The new railway system will go all the way up a 5900m-high volcano and has the steepest tracks in the world, called the Devil’s nose.


With easy bus services and the low cost airline ticket, Turkey will be a great place to visit this year. You get to explore ancient architecture from so many different cultures and try amazing food in Gaziantap. Don’t forget the ruins of Troy are also located here as well, great for you history buffs.

Dominican Republic

If you are looking for a place to soak up some sun, with beautiful beaches, some of the clearest water and whitest sand, then the Dominican Republic is your destination. Also a great place to get your surf on or jump on to the many Caribbean cruises available to you.

These are just some of the places to add to your summer destination list, as there are so many. With that being said, you are most defiantly going to find something that will suit your particular taste. So get out there because the world is full of places waiting to be experienced.