Best Cars for Road Trips


Once summertime hits, that warm breeze, bright sunshine and wide open road just beckon you to pack the car and get your road trip on. Road trips are one of the best ways to enjoy a scenic, spontaneous trip because you can stop anywhere and the focus is on the journey, not the destination! But before you set off and hit the road, it’s important to stop and think about what kind of vehicle you plan to bring. There are some great cars out there right now that can make your road trip a whole lot better than the Family Truckster did in National Lampoon’s Vacation! Here are our picks:


Honda Odyssey

It’s pretty standard that most minivans have good road trip potential, but as far as minivans go, the Honda Odyssey ranks up at the top. With great fuel efficiency and low insurance cost, it’s a great value. It also has 15 cup holders for thirsty riders! The Touring models have a 16.2-inch monitor in the back that can show split-screen video, keeping the kids entertained for hours. Throw in a 115-volt plug to run just about anything electronic and you’ve got all your passengers happy for the long haul.



MINI Countryman SUV

This outstanding MINI combines the pizazz of a racer with practical value and durability to make an excellent choice for a family car and especially a road trip. This compact crossover SUV has excellent interior space so all your passengers will be comfortable. The mid-range torque offers a zippy ride, something you’d never expect from clunky road trip cars in the past! The MINI Countryman SUV is a perfect combination of interior space and compact size, so you’ll never have trouble manoeuvring through tight spaces. For drives through mountains and other inclined areas, the MINI Countryman SUV’s ground clearance and hill-hold assist will offer you safety and peace of mind.


Subaru Outback

The Outback is great for any road trip, but it especially shines when the terrain gets rough. If your road trip destination is a mountain trailhead, or cabin at the end of something-that’s-not-quite-a-road, the Outback will get you there. It’s all-wheel drive and extra ground clearance are made for difficult roads. For road trips, opt up to the 2.5i Limited model with 10-way power adjusting seats, seat heaters and option to add in an in-dash navigation system.