Advice for Private Tutors in Hong Kong


What your private pupils will expect from you

The primary aim of a student looking for private tutors in hong kong ?????? ?? is to improve exam results and grades. This is the ultimate goal that the student strives towards, and it is the role of the teacher to provide the student with the knowledge to accomplish this goal. Private students expect the tutor to be discreet and confidential about the abilities, and to teach at a comfortable speed. A student may expect help with their study skills. During a lesson a student will expect your undivided attention. Students and tutors both expect punctuality, respect and preparation for lessons from one another.
What your pupils parents and teachers expect from you

A students parents may have a different set of goals they want accomplished than the pupil themselves. Their demands may exceed the students’ abilities, and if you notice this is the case, you should be honest with the parents about their child’s abilities. Sometimes, a pupil is more ambitious than their parents, so it is important to work as a team and come up with goals within a student’s ability so no one is disappointed. The student’s teacher will expect a tutor to teach from the curriculum and not to deviate from areas required for exams and coursework too much. A poor result from a student can result in the tutor being blamed by parents and teachers for a failure to teach adequately. Adversely, if a student achieves their goals, the tutor should share in that success. This is what will help you to find good teaching jobs in hong kong ???? ??




What to expect from pupils

Depending on the time of year, you may encounter relatively calm, or highly stressed pupils. Their needs will vary depending on whether it is exam time or a coursework deadline is approaching. Tutoring can be a difficult job at times but pupils should always remain courteous and respectful. They should come to lessons with the required resources and materials needed and always be punctual. Pupils should also be acquainted with the information they are about to revise, and should be knowledgeable about the previous lesson. Encourage students to come to class with a list of questions or points they are unsure about and would like help with.  Ensure that pupils now you can help with, but will not complete their homework.

Anticipating Success, preparing for failure

As a private tutor in Hong Kong  ?????? ??  will inevitable anticipate that your student achieves success. Whilst it is common that this happens, sometimes pupils are disappointed with their results or they may have panicked during an exam and failed. Prepare pupils for exams by doing exam practice and time management to avoid any stresses that may impair performance on the day. Get the most from your teaching experience by preparing for the outcomes of their exams.