5 Tips When Travelling to India




India is a vast country with a lot to offer. There is a wide range of tourist sights on offer for the adventurous tourist, one trip can never really be enough. However, you can get the most out of your short trip by following these five tips.


There is no better way to experience the true culture of India than hopping from one city to the next. City life will give you a crash course in Indian life, allowing you to indulge in cosmopolitan Indian experience. You will get to see historical landmarks that give you a glimpse of the rich past of India.

Mumbai is one unforgettable city where you find everything from traditional dhobis at Mahalaxmi Ghat to celebrities in Bollywood. Step back in time and watch the men wash all the laundry of Mumbai in the Ghats or take up a role in the Indian Film making center in Bollywood and ACTION! With a wealth of hotels to choose from like the Taj Hotel Mumbai, you can easily come and stay in this amazing city and sample everything it has to offer.


Sometimes disaster strikes when it is least expected and your long awaited getaway may turn in the biggest tragedy in your life. To be on the safe side if anything happens it is best to purchase a suitable travel insurance policy. A good policy should include medical cover, and if you are to engage in ‘risky activities’  such as mountain climbing ensure that it covers evacuation or air lifting if you are injured.

Always read the fine print since different companies define terms differently when it come to coverage, don’t assume there will be or will be no coverage; just read through all potential policies before purchasing any.


If you are hoping for a relaxed holiday, it is best for you to sample some of India’s best beaches. Not only will you feast your eyes on the most scenic beaches in the world but will be spoilt for choice: pick from pristine and private beaches to crazy beach parties. Enjoy some quality relaxing time at the Marari beach which promises peace and calm or head to where the action is packed at the Baga beach in Goa where you can enjoy water sports, vibrant night life, and fine restaurants and have all the beach fun you have been looking forward to.


Experience travelling like a king or queen of one of the ancient kingdoms by taking a luxury tour of India Travel on a luxury train, it is the best way to see this diverse country without compromising on your comfort. Enjoy the unimaginable glamour and the scenic beauty of the stunning landscapes as you take with pleasure all that India has to offer.


You may just be suffering from stuffed animals’ syndrome and all you need for your symptoms to go away is just go ahead witness the real thing! Experience the thrills of nature in the vast Indian jungles where you get to see live animals and also visit the numerous sanctuaries and feel like you just stepped in the animal planet. The Bandhavgarh National Park will totally blow your mind with its array of spectacular wildlife from roaring tigers, jackals, bears, sloths, deer and melodious birds. This is the only way to get in touch with Mother Nature away from the bustle of cities.