5 Outdoor Sports to Try in New Zealand


 A holiday spent traveling through New Zealand just begs to be filled with all sorts of outdoor activities. If you’re an active person, you’ll be in heaven in this gorgeous country. One of the best ways to travel through New Zealand is in a wilderness campervan! With the ability to stop and camp anywhere, you can explore the areas most people only pass by. The endless tracts of unspoiled nature are the perfect place for an unforgettable adventurous holiday.


Surf at Raglan

With your campervan to transport you all over New Zealand, you can stop at as many classic surf towns along the way as you want. The laid-back town of Raglan is perfect for surfers or those wanting to learn the sport- and its Manu Bay is known for having the longest left-hand break in the world. The town has a nice main street with lots of pubs and restaurants serving up hearty fare.

Hike the Milford Track

Drive down the South Island to Milford Track, New Zealand’s most famous hike. A campervan is the perfect vehicle to bring you through this area of mountain trailheads. The 53-kilometer Milford Track is one of the “Great Walks” designated by the Department of Conservation. Its well-maintained trails allow visitors to see some of the country’s best scenic areas.


Bungee Jump

Did you know that commercial bungee jumping was invented in New Zealand? This country is the adventure capital of the world for good reason. Wherever you go in your campervan through New Zealand, there are tons of places to stop and go bungee jumping or even skydiving over the stunning scenery.

White-Water Rafting

New Zealand has got countless rivers perfect for exploring on a  white-water rafting trip! Make your way to Tongariro National Park and camp for a few days in your campervan. Then hit the Wairoa River for an exhilerating guided whitewater rafting trip. You’ll get all the gear you need- just bring the adrenaline and a waterproof camera!


Think New Zealand is only good to visit in the summertime? Think again! The mountains of this country offer great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. With a campervan, you can bring all your gear to the slopes, or hire it when you arrive! The season runs from June to October and the landscapes and scenery are breathtaking.