4 Great Things to Do in Venice

4 Great Things to Do in Venice

Venice is well-known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you have to come here with a romantic partner. Whether you’re here with your sweetie or not, it’s a city that you’ll love and enjoy for its unique charm, gorgeous waterways and wonderful culture. There is something here to offer every kind of traveler, from budget hostels to luxuriously romantic honeymoon resorts. So while you’re here in Venice, make sure not to miss these 4 great things to do:


Ride in a gondola

Okay, so you might think this is totally cliche and want to avoid the gondola ride at all costs, especially if you aren’t here on a romantic holiday. But how many times are you in Venice? It’s a great experience and you can really cut the costs if you go in on a gondola with a group of friends. You’ll get rowed through the picturesque canals of the city on an idyllic journey, and may even get lucky with a serenade by an Italian!

Piazza San Marco

This is the centerpoint where most things are happening in Venice, the point from which you’ll venture out to explore the city. But first stop to appreciate the impressive architecture in this piazza. St. Mark’s Basilica towers majestically over the square, and there is an ancient clock tower from the 1400’s.

Have an aperitivo

The aperitivo is a distinctly Italian tradition, where in the late afternoon hours, many cafes start serving up a delectable spread of appetizers to be enjoyed with a drink such as a sparkling wine or spritz. It’s a great chance to relax and rejuvenate from your day of sightseeing, and enjoy some Italian specialties like bruschetta and pasta. Chat with your travel companions at an outdoor cafe or just enjoy watching the people passing by and enjoying their day.


One thing is for sure: Venice has got its fair share of shopping options! You could literally spend all day exploring the many winding streets and alleyways of Venice, all with unique stores and boutiques to wander through. Do some window shopping or find some special Venice glass to bring home as a souvenir. The city is known for it’s specialty blown glass, and you can even take a day trip to go visit the place where it’s made.