3 Great Spots for the Family Holidays





Morocco is a fantastic destination for family holidays, its unique geographical features provide different opportunities for everyone to enjoy. It’s near Europe and only a few hours flight lands you into this charming country. It is as hypnotizing as its spellbinding, with snake charmers and intriguing story tellers. Let your children enjoy the enchanting events of the Jemma el Fna square in the bustling city of Marrakech and be welcomed in the lovely Riads, restaurants and hotels scattered all over the city. The well-manicured Majorelle Gardens offer a tranquil environment after a long day discovering Marrakech.

Take your family to the laid back town of Essaouira and let the kids have some much anticipated beach fun as you participate in kite surfing or wind surfing along the shore. There is a lot to do here. You can enjoy camel rides along the fine sandy beaches, explore the ramparts, visit the beautiful port or enjoy some fresh fish in the medina.

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Turkey is full of fascinating places to visit which will entertain everyone, the young and the old alike. Its amazing Ottoman architecture, unusual landscapes, expansive stunning beaches and bubbling thermal pools makes it such an incredible destination.

Visit the hidden gem, the ancient underground city of Cappadocia, where your family can explore the mysterious rock formations, troglodyte villages, subterranean churches and fortresses curved out of porous rocks. The nearby World Heritage listed area of Gorem hosts over thirty magnificently frescoed Byzantine churches which are open for you to explore. The Zelve region provides an interesting landscape that is formed by eroded rocks that look like huge chunks of cheese. The underground cities are complex with interconnecting streets, apartments and public rooms which may have housed hundreds in the past era.

For those wanting a slightly more relaxed break, try a golf and spa retreat. The dads can enjoy some time on Turkey’s fantastic golf courses, whilst the ladies relax in the spa. Then the whole family can get together for wonderful food in the evening and fun all day for the kids. If that’s your kind of break you can book with www.golf-escapes.com


Caribbean holidays offer a relaxing opportunity, sun and sand for anyone ready to be mesmerized in this exotic paradise. The vibrant colors associated with these islands depict the beauty and charm of the island, from lush green tropical forests, rolling hills to fascinating wildlife.

The Antigua Island boasts of fine pink sandy beaches ideal for every day of the year. Here the family can enjoy swimming and building sand castles or visit the ancient English Harbor.

The Bahamas Islands offers your family an exciting opportunity to try island hoping whiles on the other hand the Caymans islands are ideal for diving. Some of the best diving sites in the world are found here.

Barbados is home to top hotels and restaurants, some of the finest in the world. However, they come at a price but will offer comfort for your family home away from home. The so called ‘Platinum Coast’ on the west side of the island is its precious gem.

If you want your family to engage in some exciting outdoor activities, the island of Grenada is the place to be. Its fine mix of sophisticated hotels and perfect hideaways make it an excellent destination for families. Its lush green interior is home to fantastic hiking trails and fine attractions ranging from working rum distilleries to nutmeg plantations.

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